Michael MacLaren (President)

Michael MacLaren (President)

Michael MacLaren earned a Bachelor of Arts from Ursuline College and a Graduate Degree in Hospital and Health Administration from Xavier University. After completing his residency, Michael was an assistant administrator at a private 200 bed psychiatric hospital. He progressed to become Administrator for several medical/surgical hospitals which were financially troubled due to changes in reimbursement and needed accounts receivable (A/R) solutions. Excelling in A/R management he was able to return the hospitals to profitability. As an owner or executive of: a health maintenance organization, primary care center, home health care/staffing company, management service organization, multi-location full service eye center, his focus has been on cash flow and receivables. For the past sixteen years he has developed and lead a very successful revenue cycle management company whose clients, physicians in private practice, have benefited financially from his passion for maximizing cash flow. Michael’s in-depth and detailed knowledge of reimbursement and revenue cycles provides the direction for Aegle Group team who achieve superior results for the their clients.

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